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Network Quality

DSL Troubleshooting Guide

  Question Yes Answer No Answer
1 Is the power light on? Go to question 2. Check AC power connections.
2 Is the sync or status light on solid? Go to questions 4. Make sure the modem wire is in the correct jack.
      Make sure all phone equipment is filtered including answering machines and alarm system.
3 Is the sync or status light flashing? Plug modem in test port at NID and connect AC power to modem. Trouble is with inside wiring if sync or stats light is solid.
    Call Ironton Telephone to report trouble if sync or status light is still flashing. See Diagnosing Trouble or call Ironton Customer Service at 610-799-3131.
4 Is the ethernet or Activity-LAN light flashing? Go to question 5. Reset ethernet port.
      Check computer equipment.
      Have computer technician check computer and network.
5 Is the user name and password correct? Contact PenTeleData at 1-800-281-3564. Reinstall username and password.
    For error codes 691 or 769 contact PenTeleData at 1-800-281-3564.