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PRI & Other Circuits

Repair Information

While it is recommended to use a qualified electrician or telephone technician for installation, troubleshooting and/or repairs, you may follow the steps listed below to troubleshoot on your own.

Stop SignPlease note the CAUTIONS before attempting any repairs.

Tech Support Before you call:

DSL Issues:

  • Power Cycle the DSL Modem.
    • Do Not Use the Reset Button on the modem

Telephone Issues:

  • Check your Telephone service at the Network Interface Device.
    • Testing can be performed with a standard Corded telephone.
    • Testing Instructions are are located - "Testing The Telephone Service", as well as, on the inside cover of the Interface.
  • If your telephone is not working, please follow the steps listed under "Dial Tone Troubleshooting" to see if the problem is in the telephone, inside wiring or in Ironton Telephone Company's network.
    • By finding the source of the problem, you will know whom to call to have the problem repaired.

Please Note: Ironton Telephone Company does not repair third party telephone equipment. A service fee will be charged for any problems to telephones, related equipment or inside wiring if you call us to your residence or business.

  • If you are having problems making long distance calls, please contact your long distance company.
    • Ironton Long Distance Customers please call (610) 799-3131 for assistance.
  • If the problem is with the lines outside of your home or business, Ironton Telephone LLC will resolve it promptly, and in most cases without cost to you.
  • If the problem is with the inside wiring or jacks you may do the following.
    • Make your own repairs.
    • Have an electrician, contractor, or another party make the repairs.

The responsibility of maintaining the inside wiring may not be yours if you reside in an apartment, dorm, condo, co-op, nursing home or other group living facility. Please contact the property owner to determine responsibility.

Contacting Repair:

  • Our Repair Specialist will ask you if you checked for dial tone at the Network Interface Device (NID) before dispatching a technician.
    • The Repair Specialist may also help you determine where the problem is.
  • If no trouble is found at the Network Interface Device (NID) or Multimedia Terminal Adaptor (MTA) a Service Charge will be billed for the visit.
    • The Service Technician will advise the customer on his/her findings.
    • If the customer is not home he/she will tag the door.
  • If your cable television service is not working, please call your local cable company.