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Calling Features and Rates

Calling Feature Rates

A Local Line Customer may order, in addition to the standard features, the following optional features, at the rates specified.

Answer Call
  30 minutes storage (5) $7.00
  Multiple (5)- 1 - Auto Attendant, 8 - Mailboxes and 1 - Local Pager Notification $17.95
Call Forward Remote Activation $7.00
Call Forward Line Busy (1) $2.00
Call Forward Don't Answer (1) $2.00
Call Forward Variable $5.00
Call Waiting $5.00
Caller ID $8.00
Caller ID Deluxe $9.00
Distinctive Ringing (2) $5.00
Priority Call $3.00
Referral Service (3, 4) $3.00
Remote Call Forward $5.00
Repeat Call $5.00
Return Call $5.00
Select Call Forward $4.50
Selective Call Acceptance $4.00
Selective Call Rejection $4.00
Serial Hunting $5.00


(1) Customer may subscribe to one feature or to both combined. The monthly rate is the same for either one service or both.

(2) Rates applies for each number.

(3) Customer receives first three months free.

(4) Customer can subscribe to additional months up to one year. Additional months must be paid for prior top receiving service.

(5) Included Call Forward Busy Line and/or Call Forward Don't Answer.