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Internet Faxing

Internet Faxing

Our many years of experience in the telecommunications industry has helped perfect the use of Internet faxing for our customers. Unlike standard faxing done over analog phone lines, Internet faxing allows for better and smarter faxing for you and your business.

Internet faxing is a paperless technology eliminating paper expense while protecting our environment. With Internet faxing, you can send and receive multiple faxes from anywhere with an online access point and any device. Online faxing is a productive alternative to analog faxing and with our state-of-the-art services, we assure high-quality fax delivery.

Internet Faxing Simple inbound fax to e-mail solution

Designed for cost savings, efficiency and convenience. Receive your fax as a PDF file in your email inbox (up to 10 email addresses).

Internet Faxing Standard ATA inbound/outbound IP fax service

Plug & play fax service using your existing fax machine. ATA device required.

Internet Faxing Advanced ATA inbound/outbound IP fax service

Crafted for high-end multi-page performance using your existing fax appliance. Advanced ATA device required.

With Ironton Telephone, Internet faxing is truly made easy and convenient. Ensure better productivity standards; higher reliability and improve office proficiencies today!

Call (610) 799-3131 today and see how quickly your business can immediately start saving and become more streamlined with our IP faxing technologies.