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Network Quality

Calling Issues

Questions to Answer Before Contacting Technical Support:

  1. Customers using a Telephone System (PBX).
    1. Contact your telephone administrator or vendor if required before contacting Technical Support..
  2. Are you a Centrex customer?
    1. Centrex customers are required to dial 9 + the number to place a call outside of their 4 digit site dialing plan.
  3. Are you dialing 1 + the number when calling out of your area code?
    1. Telephone systems & Provider Networks require the customer to follow the North American Numbering Plan standards.
      1. Learn about the North American Numbering Plan.
    2. The 610 & 484 area is a 10 digit dialing area.
      1. The area code must be dialed when making a call.
  4. Do you have a Long Distance dialing plan?
    1. Even though you may be calling a number in the 610 or 484 area code, the call may be a long distance call. If you do not have a Long Distance Plan the call will not complete.
      1. Contact technical support to verify if the call is local or Long Distance.
      2. Check the Local Calling Guide to see if your call is Local or Long Distance.
    2. If your Long distance Plan is NOT with Ironton Telephone Co.
      1. Contact the Long Distance Company the plan is with.
  5. Do you have an International Dialing Plan?
    • For the protection of our customers from unwanted charges in misdialed numbers and / or fraud, International calls are blocked unless specifically requested.
    1. Traditional Pots Line Customers.
      1. Are you Dialing 011 + Country Code + City Code + Local Number when calling out of North America?
    2. SIP customers.
      1. Depending on your service, Dialing 011 is not required.
        1. Contact your Sales Representative or Technical Support for further information on your Dialing Plan.
      2. Are you required to dial 011 + Country Code + City Code + Local Number when calling out of North America?
  6. Are you using the correct Country & City Code?
    1. Sample web sites to verify the country code.
      1. Go to Country Calling Codes web site.
      2. Go to Country Code Org web site.

Documenting Call Failures:

  1. Please note the following before reporting the failure to Technical Support:
    1. Is the call a Voice or Data (fax or modem) Call?
    2. Is the call inbound or outbound?
    3. Calling Number.
    4. Called Number.
    5. Time and Date of the failure.
      1. To resolve the issue quickly and efficiently, failed calls must be reported to Technical Support within 24 hours.
      2. This will ensure our ability to effectively work with the carrier the call was delivered to.
    6. What occurred during the failure.
      1. Examples:
        1. Receiving a busy signal.
        2. Receiving an Intercept Message.
          1. Call cannot be completed as dialed.
          2. All circuits busy.
          3. The customer is not accepting calls at this time.
        3. Post Dial Delay. (Delay in hearing ringing or connection of call).
        4. Dead Air - No Audio.
        5. One Way talk path.
          1. Supply which party cannot hear the other during the call and when during call.
        6. Voice quality (Static, garbled speech, echo, low volume, etc.) on a call.
  2. Please Note:
    1. The technical support team will request failed call information.
    2. By providing the above information, the technical support team will be able to troubleshoot and repair calling issues more efficiently.

Outbound Call Failures:

  1. Unable to call a specific number.
    1. Are you able to reach the called number from a cell phone?
      1. If the same failure occurs, the issue may be with the terminating provider or the number you are calling.
        1. Technical Support may not be able to help repair the issues with other providers.
      2. If the call completes, contact Technical Support with a call example.
  2. Unable to call any number.
    1. Can you call from a different telephone at the location?
      1. If you can, the issue is with the telephone or inside wiring.
    2. Note the call failures and contact Technical Support.
  3. Customers using a Telephone System (PBX).
    1. Receiving a busy signal while dialing outbound numbers.
      1. Do you receive the busy signal before you finish dialing the number?
        1. If so, this may indicate the telephone system cannot route the call.
        2. Contact your telephone system administrator or vendor to verify the call can be placed.
      2. Are you required to Dial a 9 or any other code to access an outside line or make a long distance call?
    2. Contact your telephone system administrator if required before contacting Technical Support.

Inbound Calling Issues:

  1. Verify there is dial tone.
    1. POTS lines.
      1. Refer to - "Testing The Telephone Service".
      2. Can you call your number from a cell phone?
        1. If the call rings and connects, the issue may be with the caller.
          1. Collect call failure information and contact Technical Support.
        2. If you hear ringing on the cell and not on the telephones, pick up the receiver to see if the call connects.
          1. If the call does connect, verify the telephones ringer is on and turned up.
          2. If the call does not connect, contact Technical Support.
      3. If the call receives a busy signal.
        1. Check all the telephones to make sure they are on-hook (handset is in cradle or the cordless handsets are turned off).
    2. SIP Services:
      1. Is the internet working?
        1. Is the SIP device registered and does not show "No Service"?
        2. Refer to - "Registering SIP Devices".